Come fall season and it's "that" time of the year again!

Ladies and Gents (and the genetically confused lot too, yes...we must keep up with the times and social acceptability norms..and, hey, drag queens just add to the colour and general joie de vivre), please pull out those moth-balled suits and tuxedos and the saris with the weird names and even weirder origins...please knock your heads for gift ideas, and, more importantly, your bank accounts to fund said your tickets, pack in your woolies or sun-tan lotion, your Excedrin and your Valium, and your jewelry....

.....and "step inside, you're in for a ride", as we waltz into wedding season (apologies to Dave Mustaine & Co...but that song always reminds me of cricket matches, first person shooters, and oddly enough, weddings).

Oh, and do stock up on ample reading material and cds/tapes for the car audio if you're going wedding hopping in Delhi..roads do tend to get clogged up a bit.

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