A jobless mind is Beelzebub's bathtub...or so was the case a couple of days ago, when Crowley was dragged off to a Marriage Registrar's office (half a mo'....I'M not getting hitched, eh...) with a friend to allegedly check the poor woman's (future) marriage certificate for typos (wtf).....

Anyway...while said friend pored over said certificate and documents in support thereof, self was meandering about in the dingy corridor outside said Registrar's office (self would've loved to grab a seat inside Reg's airconditioned office....but would then have to grin stupidly at 4 giggly newly-wed couples and answer questions like "Bhaiyya-ji, aapki pehli baar ho rahi hai kya?") [gag!]

Now...this corridor has this big-ass notice board, where they put mug-shots of you and your dearly beloved for random people to raise objections (against you lot tying the knot, i.e.)....and there are a multitude of mug shots ranging from "Whoa, what a babe!" to "Why, again, are they looking to procreate? Isn't the gene pool screwed up enough already?"

Each and every one of these mug shots is stamped by a "Gazetted Officer".....

Being a civil servant's kid, I've seen my share of Gazetted Officers.....but not of the type catalogued here...!!!!! A few examples:

1. Assistant Meteoroligist [sic], IGI Airport, New Duli [sic] (The point of having one being? Damn flights still get stuck in the fog, no matter what!);

2. Sr. Programmer, Union Public Service Commission (Programmer?!?! They have computers?!)

3. Liasun [sic] Officer, Chief Architect's Office, Central Public Works Department (I don't get it...WHY would the CAO need a liaison officer? Considering CPWD has been using the same crappy design for all its buildings since the time Adam experienced the first blushes of puberty....the CA ought to be, well, suitably dead by now);

4. Assistant Editor, Vidhi Sahitya Prakashan, Ministry of Law and Justice (this department is, apparently, supposed to publish something from time-to-time, and occupies a few rooms in a building across the street from the Supreme Court...has been doing so for years....no-one really knows why....i've been a lawyer for nearly 4 years now, I've yet to see any Vidhi Sahitya being Prakashit from there...)

Crowley randomly wonders why we need people like these around....all the money that could be saved.....all those gaming parlours that could be built (sob)

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