Loafing around Khan Mkt., on a lovely, chilly, windy day (DePauls/Big Chill coffees in hand), this guy tells us that he's about to become a father sometime in Jan (congrats on that, mate).

("Wow! That was fast!" - He got married earlier this year). After which this conversation followed:

"So, dude. Did you guys plan it....or was it just a silver bullet on the wedding night kinda thing?"

"Well, it’s like this, Crowley, that there is a lesson to be learnt from all of this"

"Uh, sure. Which is?"

"See, all of you guys are well past that college phase"

"I should hope so. The average age between the 3 of us is 27 years"

"Er...what "college phase" are we talking about here?"

"Arre, baba, that phase, where, you know, you experiment"

"Ri-ight. You're not making much sense. What sort of 'experimentation'?"

"When you experiment with relating with many women"

"Uh. Ok. Never really tried that. But, yeah, I know what you're talking about. So?"

"So. You know. IT doesn't HAVE to happen unless you take a conscious decision!"

“WHAT doesn't have to happen, dude?"

“You know, THIS thing….conception”

“You’re still making verrrry little sense, friend. What does screwing around in college have remotely anything to do with you becoming a dad?”

“See, that EXACTLY the point. It does!”

“I need to see my eye-doc, because I certainly can’t see your EXACT point!”

“No. What I meant was…you can experiment…without, you know, conceiving anything….”

“Can I hear a ‘but’ in that statement?”

“BUT. You really needn’t use any, you know, protection”

“Huh? Is this for real? You actually screwed around in college…without the little rubber man?! Where were you hiding when DD used to show all those Nirodh ads, brother?”

“Oh ho. What I mean is. I have issues using all that stuff!”

(Stunned silence for a few seconds. Then the proverbial light bulb lights up. Cut us some slack. We’re lawyers on holiday. Them cogs and wheels get a bit rusty.)

“Aaah. So it would seem.”

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