Ok, maybe not painful and untrue, but certainly funny, even if it is in a taking-the-piss, high-school way....So, if you're the female of the species, and suddenly feel the urge to go up to a guy and say:

"I believe you were eyeing my rack, don't you have one of your own?" (a book rack is what's being referred to here); or

"Ooh, your thing's so small. How does it work?" (a tablet PC)

then DO NOT feel offended if 10 guys around you burst out into peals of laughter (or just plain burst out of the room....because, well, they're polite lads, and don't want to guffaw in your face).

Let's face it. Men find humour in everything (or we try our best to). Especially if you're working in a vertiable loony-bin (the sort Crowley is presently an incumbent of).

And, let's face another 'it'. You weren't exactly born in a hole in Gurgaon. You really ought to know the consequences of making profound statements like the ones above.

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Mukta said...

What does Gurgaon have to do with it? Although Guffaw - Gurgaon go well together. :-)

mistercrowley said...

@ mukta: The Gurgaon bit is rather a long tale ;)
and, yes, guffaw does go well with Gurgaon