eM's visit a couple of weekends ago started a chain of highly enjoyable pre-New Year pissups, which have left Crowley a bit staggered. Crowley feels it will be good for his immortal soul to get down to some serious lawyering (for the next week at least) to get some of the alcohol out of his system.

All the same, some interesting snippets from some of these get-togethers:

1. SurlyGirl's latest "business venture". It apparently involves setting up a new club in Delhi, which will be called 'Boring'. Eunuchs will be employed as bar-tenders and bouncers, and will all be referred to as "Happy". So, ordering your drink would involve screaming "Oye, HAPPY. Ek Bloody Marry laana, oye". With each breakthrough in the club's popularity, the name will undergo certain (minor) changes. 'Boring' will become '"Boring"', then ' "Boring?" ' and finally, ' "Boring?!" '

At some point, a small backroom will be added where people can place bets on upcoming riots. This novel bookie centre will be run by a former student leader of dubious sexual preferences, and who will be as butch as they come (pun not intended).

'Boring' will also feature cozy and private cubicles for desperate denizens for fornicant activities of all sorts. A word of caution - the management reserves the right to release live CC TV footage from these cubicles.

2. Oh, MAN, you have GOT to try Canadian Club. It's the best whiskey around, man (And here's l'il ol' me, who drinks only rum, in true pirate tradition).

3. I only shake hands on two occasions, yaar. Either when my hands are colder than the other guy's, or when there's no water in the loo, ha ha. (Quid?!)

4. Buddyyyy...buddyyy.....BUDDYYYY...you're PUSHING me, buddy (female voice; v singsong; VERY inebriated) (long story)

5. Ek glass cock please.

I rest my case.

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Chrisann said...


mistercrowley said...

:D indeed

Suha said...

So have you decided to stop with the chronicling??

Anonymous said...

Sorry, am choosing to be anonymous because I just had a question to ask and not to make conversation generally. Did you recently judge something at a law college? This is just to place you in context and also, I'm just curious. :)
If not, never mind, and nice blog!

mistercrowley said...

@ anon: no, i haven't judged any moots recently, but if the law school in question was Nalsar, then yes, i know someone who judged a moot there recently....he bears a slight resemblnce to this pic of mine, so you may be mixing me up with him :)
and if you're from nalsar...then 'up shamirpet'..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh okay. No, am not from Nalsar so the joke (?)'s sort of lost on me :) And I ended up on this blog following comments from eM's, so don't be spooked! But I suppose since it wasn't you, there's no reason to be. Right then.

Suha said...

Ahem!!! I could spot some nice holes in that story of yours!! But that is probably more your job than mine :) Hope the connectivity gods smile on you soon; you'd probably need to grease their palms though :P

mistercrowley said...

@ Suha:
Hah. I'm connected again, though not entirely sure how long for :P

Some interesting repositioning of the wireless router was involved, so let's see.

What holes in what story, I say?

Suha said...

The interesting repositioning would inspire a whole post i think!!! :D

And by story..i mean the 2 liner you left on my space..hehe.Holes..i'll leave those to you

Mechanical said...

I would totally hit Boring. Cant decide if its the Eunuch bartenders or the fornication space. Who cares about riots though, when you can be Boring.