And time (and I, for that matter) almost forgot my old blog (of the same name). But thanks to StarryEyes’ (I'd love to call her Brenda Starr, but I think she'd mind..heh) recent article on quarter-life crises and my present dark mood (no, it’s not the usual Crowley caustica; it’s full-blown dudgeon), I thought I should dredge some of the crappier poetry (and some of the non-poetic-genius-type posts) I’d written on the old blog, and put it out here…as a pick-me-up, I suppose.

Attorney General’s Warning: This is über crappy poetry, so don’t sue me for mental torment if you decide to read it. Volenti non fit injuria, my lovelies, you asked for it.


Walking in the rain
Sipping coke
Five buck peanuts
One by one
Out the soggy newspaper cornet

Proudly proclaiming yesterday's lies
Heralding tomorrow's untruths
And other stories ("get em fresh")
7 'o clock news,

Silent night closing in

Drops of leaden moisture
Stream down my tired face
Pool between the folds of my wrinkled skin
Remind me of the tears I have shed
For the love I lost
For the lives I lived
And died

Little beggar boy
Huddles under a tattered old
Packing crate
Nowhere to hide
From the cold, falling rain
From the misery of his forsaken
And yet, He smiles
Reminding me that all is not lost
And I
I fall in love with life again

No more pins in me

A Grecian Earn

'Tis late, the hour.
Somewhere in the distance, a loon chimes out
a dirge for the weary

The mists of sleep beckon softly to me
their warm fingers touching all that I see and feel

Behold Hypnos as he sits by the Lethe;
"Return to yonder bed, child", says he,
"for tomorrow brings another day of toil."
"Partake the waters of this river, and let Morpheus guide your way".
"Why care about light, which does blind you so?"
"Why care about white, which is forever stained?

"Fall in with the black, which always stains through"

I smile and say "yes",
"the dark is good as is the black"......
"But I, I have other things to do, other desires to appease,
other lives to live, and other deaths to die"

"But some day, i shall drink the waters of this river;
some day, I shall rejoice in the calm of Nyx's dark tresses;
some day, I shall enter the embrace of my surrealistic pillow,
and never let go..."

"and some day I shall take your hand, and we'll be off...
off to never never land"

What's this life for?

Lately I've been catching myself over-analyzing and reading too darn much into things I really ought not be thinking too much about!!! It's a habit that's common to lawyers, so I guess I shouldn't be too worried. But then, it's really not like me...I was always cautious, but never really worried too much about most things (except, of course, the fact that I never had enough drumsticks in working condition).

I guess this is what people would call the starting point of a mid-life crisis, which is fine and dandy...only I'm not into "mid-life" just yet....

I guess I could use time off, but I know I'll end up getting bored. Working 17-hour days leaves one with monstrous withdrawal symptoms on vacation.......even though I'm pushing myself way too hard, one thought comes to mind... "if you use a fork for'll last just about forever...use it to drive nails and dig trenches, it won't last a day"

Self pity is a terrible thing and I really should be pushing harder for a little downtime...but still, I know something's missing....something definitely more than 8 hours of sleep....If only I could figure out what!

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Nimpipi said...

heyyy, starry eyes and quarter life crisis! i know who that is!

too many obscure refs btw..

Mukta said...

Drencherotica is really good. :-)

mistercrowley said...

@ nimpipi: of course they're obscure...that was the whole idea :P

@ mukta: thanks. i'm surprised someone found it to be good ;)