I like being in my corner, and preferably out of the spotlight.

I quite like my little corner in office.

It’s comfy, and relatively cozy.

I have my own little berm of files and assorted paper work, which sort of keeps the draught out.

The only problem is that the hordes of nincompoops, who come calling on my Lord and Master, invariably end up walking in through MY door (see Mapp), as opposed to the door which leads to the exit when they’re done wheedling to the Bossman.

This is MOST irritating. I’ve seen a few bad cases of short-term memory loss in my time. But this is ridiculous! How can you forget which door you came in less than 15 minutes ago??!! How?!

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Anonymous said...

and i hence pronounce u my favorite writer

mistercrowley said...

@ anon: LOL....thanks so very much :) why anon, though? I could buy you a drink y'know ;)