“The Assessee is guilty of a device, and he has undertaken certain steps to cover up that device…”

Can people be guilty of devices? This is getting a little out of hand, this reading and re-reading of reams upon reams of unadulterated crap. Typo-ridden crap at that. The sort that requires a day and a night, and an arm and a leg (and an un-atrophied brain) to wade through. Which time, I certainly do not have at my disposal. Nor the un-atrophied gray matter.

On top of everything, I’m horribly nostalgic today. It’s this weather, methinks – slightly moist, 20 knot breeze; overcast, but not enough to hide the setting sun. Takes me back to law school campus days, taking in the rain at Shanks’ tea shack, with every soul on the premises ditching whatever it was they were knee-deep in, to get soaked.

Oh, and the puddles.

Have I ever mentioned that puddles and I have a bit of a history? Always made it a point to splash through a bunch of them on the way back from school, just for the sordid pleasure of hearing a string of loud curses from my mother (or the laundry lady, as the case may be). Charmed my (err..oh hell, which one was it?) second (still not sure) girlfriend by helping her over one (Sir Walter Crowley, that’s me). Also proved to be a consistent source of entertainment every time I’d try and jump across one. Gravity’s a bitch, ergo I pretty much always landed up in the drink. And wouldn’t you know it, there were always witnesses.

Anyhow, nothing more to write at the moment. Must finish this tax crap and get me a drink.

Goodbye, cruel world. For now, i.e.

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Mukta said...

Sigh...it's nice to have gone to a law school with an actual campus and such like.

My law school had a wall in the compound (if you can actually call a fragment quad of broken earth that)and an angry-looking tree. But I love the rains, nevertheless.

Walking on Marine Drive with the roaring sea in the monsoons...yay! it's almost time for those good days now! Yippee!

mistercrowley said...

@ Mukta: It wasn't much of a campus for a long time :) just large and barren...but, yeah, it was home for 5 years..had a lot of fun too

siropdevanille said...

I cannot post comments now... it took me 20 mins to load this page... blogger is working funny with the firewall... HMPH!

Anyway, it was beautiful that day, hope you got a nice drink! I made LIITs :D

Wow, this is the 5th time Im trying to post a comment, Im amazed at how much patience I have!

mistercrowley said...

@ Syrup: Patience is a virtue ;)
Drink? Have forgotten what alcohol tastes like...food posioning + work have ensured that....nonetheless.....I'm determined to get my Old Monk n Coke tonight

a fan apart said...

Maybe poeple can be guilty of devices...

"We're a suspect device if we do what we're told"
- Stiff Little Fingers, 1979

mistercrowley said...

@ A fan: hahaha...well said..in my case, of course, it was a 'fraudulent' device...but someone forgot to put that in....