So, boys and girls, if someone ever gifts you one of these:

DO remember to take off the plastic covering before trying to open the damn can; it opens a LOT easier thataway. Or else you can be total retards like Crowley (giftee) and Firefly (gifter) who tried opening the thing using a hammer and a knife, before the bottom fell out with a soft ‘plop’ and the bottle was sitting pretty in Crowley’s lap. It was all very cute and kitschy, sitting on Firefly’s bedroom floor and laughing over it, but you don’t want this sort of thing popping up on YouTube. Beware.

I was away to Mumbai, but now I’m back. For how long though, I’m not too sure, given recent turns of circumstances and destiny. But fret not I won’t be away again for much longer. Just keep in mind that the secret to a fun time can well lie in little things like Cuba Libres, cheese omelettes, masala chai, and watching Crank and Crank 2 back to back on a humid afternoon.

Reflections on furlough to Mumbai:
1. J. J. Abrams is a class act, Cupcake.

2. Cinema goers in Mumbai are required to stand up and sing the national anthem before the movie starts. The screen displays a large Indian flag during the recital. This is touchingly patriotic, but very, very odd.

3. I’m now able to cook and make myself useful in a domestic environment. This is good news for some, though perhaps not for the cleaning lady.

4. I want a home with thousands of neatly catalogued comic books, every gaming console known to man, and maybe a Dali print or two on the walls.

5. Tea with ginger and black pepper is a fantastic aphrodisiac. Try it sometime.

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Nimpipi said...

ooh woody smell; nice!

ginger, tea, black pepper, aphrodisiacs, domestic bliss? What is UP Crowley?!

And are you redoing my template or not? Also it's oaky to reject it if you come up with crap, right?:P

Perakath said...

Wtf. I have one of those too. Cute little meat-and-two-veg package carved into the glass.

Why might you be leaving? And could I have your job, then?

~Mountain Lover~ said...

I wish tea, ginger and black pepper were keeping me away from blogging. More intriguing and enticing than my excuses!

Does the cinema flag wave like a real one? That's just bizarre!

the snake said...

Good to see you posting again, I was wondering where you've been.

Thoughts on point#4. I'd like to be your neighbour.
By the way, speaking of comic books, do you know of any living soul in India, who stocks A1 comics for sale?

You leaving town?

Firefly said...

You missed mentioning the smashing dancing one was witness to :P

Mister Crowley said...

Nimps: yes yes, I'll redo your template, just gimme a couple of days, will ya? ;)

Per: I'm NOT going anywhere, friend :P Just traveling a lot.

ML: Well, no, the flag doesn't just stays put.

Snake: A1 comics? Well, Fact n Fiction in Vasant Vihar, Delhi (opp PVr Priya) stocks them for sure. You could also try any of the Landmark stores...the one in Bombay definitely had them.

Firefly: Shush, I have a reputation to maintain. And it wasn't dancing. Just us geriatrics trying to 'fit' with the crowd ;)

Sirop said...

Oak... ginger... black pepper... Nice. Do I have to beg for information now?

IAS ,Madya Pradesh said...


IAS ,Madya Pradesh said...


Ellie said...

Oh, that observation on patriotism at the cinema is a good one!

Blues said...

Hang on a second.

"I’m not too sure, given recent turns of circumstances and destiny"

Have I missed something around here? Are you getting married and are fighting with fiance regarding your desire to decorate the nuptial pad in college boy decor?

Mister Crowley said...

Ellie: Welcome to the Pirate ship :)

Blues: Hell no. College boy decor was never in the picture anyway ;) I'm a very darkwood and little bits of chrome sorta guy when it comes to decor.