“In its simplest form, dividend stripping is a bit like bed and breakfasting a share-cum-dividend.”

“Shares in a company were sold pregnant with dividend to a share dealer, who bought them for Rs. X…”

“It was tax avoidance, naked and unshamed…”

“It can be seen that the forward strip is not very different from the backward strip except, really, for the period for which the stripper held the shares…”

“…a business activity or an investment without a profit motive is not any more than a pickle is candy.”

You’ve got to love a verbose Income Tax Assessment Officer. Ha.

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Miss P said...

Lol. give the guy a break. with a boring ass job like that, id go a little nuts with my metaphors too...hahaha.... in either case, really funny stuff :)

the snake said...

I guess he wanted to be a poet or author..but found a scribe's life too taxing..

Blues said...

That guy has got to get a blog.

Mister Crowley said...

Miss P: hey, I'm not complaining. I read this shit at 3 am, it cracked me up like crazy :P

Snake: You said it. He's a nuique piece, though.

Blues: Hell yeah.