A fragment of a conversation between Crowley and BarracudaBawi shall suffice as an introduction to this course:

BB: Tsk indeed....maybe that's her way of hitting on you :P
Not that she's winning any points in her favor But still..

Crowley: Sigh....what a drrraaaag

BB: ha ha... you're sounding exactly like Hugh grant in my head when you say that...he he
You're quite the man in demand right now, I must say...Maybe you wont be spending new year alone after all

Crowley: yes yes...all demand...no bloody supply

BB: :D

Crowley: Freakonomics only this is

BB: Write a paper

Crowley: Hoo yeah

Essentially, children, Prof. Crowley's love life can be summarised thus:

1. It lies in a perfectly competitive market;
2. Ceteris paribus, there is ample demand;
3. BUT the producer is unwilling to supply at the price being offered by Prof. Crowley.

Methinks the problem lies with the equilibrium pricing....

2 Scallywags have walked the Plank |:

Suha said...

Thanks for the sympathies *still sobbing*...

And u had to go and write about the damned love life didn't u? You've summed up mine better than I could have

mistercrowley said...

I think I've summed it up for a lot of people :)

O tempora, o mores....