Yes, my hand is most definitely better now; feels good to be rid of that miserable crepe bandage. Now to do something about my presently ultra boring existence.
When BarracudaBawi told me that LiveJournal was being sold off to a Russian company, and how everyone was scurrying to delete their LJ blogs (Residual Cold War paranoia, apparently! ‘Help; Old Ivan’s going to spam my blog with recipes for stale borscht!’), I remembered that it had been a really long time since I'd looked up my old blog on LJ ("Crash Course in Brain Surgery") .
So, stepping away from my reading of an engrossing sales-tax brief at 7 a.m., I hopped across to discover that I couldn't remember my old password (those were the days when I'd set some really weird passwords for my online accounts). Ten minutes, one hurried conference, and one password recovery email later, I managed to get into my old blog, and, browsing through the old posts, I found this one about a prof we had in law school, who was, well, entertaining, if not very inspiring in matters of legal education. The post is below. Try and laugh, yes?
"Dedicated to the most pissing off prof we had in Law school......who tried teaching us International Law.....but ended up distributing these pearls of wisdom -
1 ze astronauts are ze envoys of mankind
2 ze vashing ze aircrafts is bad for air pollution
3 Zee...Pirates are zee enemas of mankind
4 What friend I am innocency
5 Zat period was rennacancy period of international trade law
6 zee internaationaal titties (treaties) are devuloping, they are expanding.
7 what recaap? there is no caap to do recaap.
8 i will touch here and there and then skipp off.
9 let me go in my brief.
10 Frands..if you will not show me your things...I will not show you mine
11 What are not coming only (jeez)
12 All these titties (treaties) use only"
I still wonder why I chose to become a lawyer.

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Mechanical said...

Hahaha I especially would like to see some titties. I have this exam on Law stuff soon and was trying to look up the exact definition of an international convention while throwing precious time away on blogger. I actually don't get ANY of the other points. Though they all have potential in the Indian teacher context.

Also, I saw people freaking out about LJ going russian today and had a laugh at it as well. The days of invite only blogging seem so innocent now!

mistercrowley said...

The exact definition of an International Convention? Um...60 pages of toilet paper, which enables a 100-odd delegates to congregate every few years for pina coladas, rum punch and caviar in Seychelles or Cancun or Geneva, while hordes of 'activists' throng outside, holding banners, screaming slogans, smoking pot and getting laid behind dumpsters...yes, I think that's a good enough definition :)

One of the reasons why I gave up on I-law and stuck with corporate law instead...and, yes, our prof gave us sufficinet incentive..hehe

Mechanical said...

Why Mister Crowley you sure are quick on the commenting-replying equilibrium! (I sorta haven't figured it out yet, seems like I might prefer LJ's reply to comments system)

1. About the familiar blog, now now, Ive barely arrived, you cant possibly out me yet. Though yes, the term compulsive has pretty much been pwned in on blogger.

2. Gai hamari mata hai dude. No mother talk, no cow lamp for you.

3. My Law prof is actually a brilliant guy with a fanny pack and an amazing sense of humor who might even pass me for that answer. But seriously, why wont anyone define a plain old international convention on the internet. You lawyers and your hoarding of information. Geez.

mistercrowley said...

"You lawyers and your hoarding of information."
I agree completely :) Information is wealth. We like being rich ;D

as for comment-replying equilibrium; but naturally. I'm a lawyer. "Let nothing go unanswered", that's our watchword

Anonymous said...

"All these titties (treaties) use only"

"Frands..if you will not show me your things...I will not show you mine"

"What are not coming only (jeez)"