Crowley isn't particularly money-minded, but he likes an ATM or two near him. So naturally, when Crowley walked up to his neighbourhood Citibank ATM, and found out that it was going to relocate in a weeks' time, Crowley was not particularly happy.

In other news, Daryaganj has been Crowleyed after many years, and the footpath booksellers there have been duly relieved of a small, yet significant, portion of their burden (roughly 25 books for about INR 1200).

Some of these books will appear on the bookshelf thingy on the right (once I pay LibraryThing a 'paltry' sum of USD 10, so that I can put more than 200 books on my bookshelf).

4 Scallywags have walked the Plank |:

Mechanical said...

Does the Daryaganj second hand book market still happen on Sundays only?

I haven't been in about 10 years but have lovely memories associated with it. Take any pictures there?

mistercrowley said...

Yup...still on Sundays..and no camera or camera phone..possibly next Sunday

Mukta said...

A lawyer who isn't money-minded. Yes...of course..


mistercrowley said...

@ mukta: Yes, some of us do exist..hehe