Yes, I know it’s a terrible pun. It’s ragged with overuse. Still. I’m going to use it one more time, so fuck off!

With each successive haircut I’ve had over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a steady decline in the use of scissors. When I started visiting the barber-shop at the Intercontinental in the CP-Barakhamba Road area, the barber-man would use one of those hand-held trimming machines to trim the hair over the ears, and would resume with the traditional snippety-snip of the shears.

My latest haircut, yesterday, involved no scissors. Yeah, so the barber-man used those funny, toothy scissors* to thin my hair. But that apart, the entire exercise of cutting and trimming my unruly shock of follicular growth lasted under 10 minutes, thanks to the trimming machine (it usually takes 20 via the traditional snip-route).

Alright, so the mechanical method saves time, and gives a (supposedly) cleaner and more even cut. But still, I kinda miss the charm of sitting in that chair for a peaceful half-hour with my eyes closed, semi-hypnotised by the snip-snipping of the scissor blades, listening to barber-man softly whistling to himself, rather than to a constant drone, not unlike that of a drill.

Sometimes, technology ruins the little joys of life.

* The ones which look like a cross between a pair of scissors and a comb. Can someone please tell me what they’re called?

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Mukta said...

:-) my haircut with a similar gadget lasted 45 minutes, probably because I was cutting off shoulder-lenght hair into a 'boycut'.

So, maybe if you want your nostalgic sessions, grown yoru hair uptil your shoulders and then go visit the barber. Maybe the judges in the court would understand? He he! Of course, I'm kidding there!

mistercrowley said...

@ mukteshwar: Ld. Counsel states that counsel should try and grow their hair. There appears to be some merit in ld. counsel's submissions...hmm... ;-)

chris said...

arre go get a massage

mistercrowley said...

@ chris: yep, yep..that too

Mayonnaise Toss said...

this has never happened to me. this never shall. i think i am going to be blessed with the snip-snip of the scissors and the half an hour routine. why dont u grow your hair? and then trim it a bit - u know they wont use those electronic razory things on longish hair. maybe it even compliments your beard!

mistercrowley said...

@ mayo: heh....tried growing it may years back...became a pain to manage....i think I'll stick to the neatly clipped lawyer-boy look ;)