Crowley has been dreaming of strange things lately. Some of these ‘things’ would constitute nightmares till a few years ago, but for some odd reason, Crowley had stopped dreaming in his sleep over the past few years (well, till a week ago, at least).

Most of these dreams feature stuff I used to do as a kid. Spending hours over jigsaw puzzles; climbing trees; nibbling on bits of chalk (the sort with which you write on blackboards); burrowing into the neighbouring hedgerows, covering myself in a thick blanket and play-acting as Rob-the-Sniper, taking imaginary potshots at passing cows, dogs and fat civil servants in their drab safari suits.

(‘Course, I still indulge in the make-believe sniper act, now and then, a consequence of playing Half-Life and Counterstrike late into the night for pretty much the whole of my last semester at law school. It’s a lot of fun, sitting at some rooftop restaurant and wondering if you can take out the snotty girl in pigtails arguing with a stall-owner at the other end of the marketplace.)

The dream (or nightmare, as it used to be when I was small) which really bothers me is this one where I’m drowning in some sort of pool. I’m not struggling to get out, though I want to, quite badly too. There’s only one person standing by the edge of this pool. A girl wearing a bluish smock and a black, hooded mackintosh (yep, I have Technicolor Dreams). She has her hand extended, though it’s hard to make out whether she’s offering a helping hand or simply waggling her fingers to say “See ya, mate”.

Oh, yes. It’s also raining in the dream. And I usually wake up just before the water closes in over my head.

I’ve been having this dream pretty regularly for the last 14 years (though the regularity with which it screens varies). What’s really worrying about this dream (besides the obvious fact that I am drowning) is that I know the girl who’s standing there. She and I have been classmates throughout middle and high school, and were reasonably good friends till we graduated and lost touch (I also had a brief crush on her at some point…nothing whatsoever to do with the dream). This same girlie’s been featuring in the dream for 14 years! The dream itself doesn’t freak me out. What does is this woman’s appearance. She wasn’t a particularly close friend, not someone I hung out with, nor someone I was hopelessly in love with (I don’t recall being hopelessly in love with anything during my school years, except my tape machine).

I discussed this dream with KittyLitter, which elicited no response, save “Where’s the glycerin? Where’s the fucking GLYCERIN?

KittyLitter’s dear friend, DaddyLongLegs, vociferously advocated a past life regression session. Wow! I go under hypnosis to find out I spent my last life as a pair of wellingtons who got tossed into the nearest fishpond because my owner couldn’t take the toe-jam. Oh Joy!

I spoke to a shrink about this a couple of years ago. He put it down to stress, and he was partially right, because this dream recurs more often during stressful periods. But the fuckup is…it never actually goes away. I see it at least once every 2 months!

Freud. Whither thou?

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I scribble here said...

this reminded me of those bollywood plots with a past life connection:)
but how does a dream reoccur for 14 freaking years? i have never dreamt anything more than once, now that is what amuses me. AND may be you should try and check on the girl, for all u know she dreams of a man in a black cloak saving her from drowning:D.. Ah, ignore, just woke up and my mind s the most imaginative at this time :)
btw, you look so different from the last profile pic.. has anybody told u that u looked so much like that lead singer of bombay vikings in the last pic..

mistercrowley said...

@ scribbler: Heh, yes, it's weird, but true...I have been having this silly dream fr all these years :)
As for profile pics; someone told me the last one was a pretty 'evil' picture....and, anyway, I thought a little change on the blog would be nice...

Anonymous said...

Some imagination you have! and you completely changed the whole story :) Shall take you to court, oops wait, you are my lawyer!!!

siropdevanille said...

Dream dream... I was completely mislead by the title of the post (i was hoping you would talk about portnoi or petrucci...

Hmmmm... but I also like dream interpretation, so, here goes, when you dream about drowning - it may imply that you are overwhelmed by emotions or repressed issues that are coming back to haunt you. "You may be proceeding too quickly in trying to discover your unconscious thoughts."
And to dream of friends, well, it's all about childhood friendship - regression into your past, trying to rid yourself of the present... etc etc. So yes, you are stressed.

And funny how Crowley has the creeps post the dreams eh?

mistercrowley said...

@ Anon: Dear Blog, say Hello Kitty.

@ Syrup: 14 years of stress....heh, I oughta be dead by now :) Oh well, I suppose all the grey hair helps somewhere down the line ;)
Petrucci? You wants? Will put up something on those fellows shortly..

Mukta said...

Seek the girl out...there must be some sort of karmic connection there.

I have a hunch she may be having the same dream too!

Or maybe there's a blogger out there who's written a post on wearing a blue smock and standing by a river...and watching a little boy drown.

*Shiver shiver on account of chill down the spine*

mistercrowley said...

@ mukta: Considering the number of people who think I'm a nutjob, I don't think I should be trying to contact the girl :)

though googling for a blogger who writes about watching little boys drown is an idea worth considering... (I told you I was crazy)

damnedifIwillbekittylitter said...

The girl is on facebook- go on, get back in touch!

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!

mistercrowley said...

@ kitty: and I'm going to take your advice on dealing with women, because? ;P

friendofgirlinbluesmock said...

Have a read:

Ok, so we know there are many a suppresed emotion but which one is this referring to???

@Mukta- that girl definitely didnot write a blog about this dream. And I dont think she has that dream but it would be freaky if she did!

mistercrowley said...

@ whateveryournicknameisrightnow: Will you kindly stick to ONE moniker, s'il vous plait? Or do I have to walk you into a wall or two :P

I'm glad she doesn't have the same dream....believe me....I'D freak out, if that ever happened.

Also, careful what you post here, put my name out names....

@ mukta (and anyone else who's trying to follow this little convo): Ignore this person of dubious, extraterrestrial has been ramming its head into far too many walls lately

sodontwalkintowallsandneitherdidsa said...

Crowley- will NOT stick to one moniker- thats too boring :)

Everyone else- I am not the one walking into walls but looks like dealing with the boy equals that!!! Le sigh!