This past week I tried out a small lifestyle change, which I’m sort of beginning to like. I didn’t go to office at all. Ok, maybe I stepped in once or twice to pick up my mail, bills etc., but I’m proud to say that my visits were sans laptop, files, and briefcase, and didn’t last beyond a few minutes - something I haven’t done in the five-odd years since I graduated from law school.

This isn’t exactly Workaholics Anonymous, but it was fun spending a week doing nothing except eating (lots), sleeping (very little), watching movies (including, regrettably, Bride Wars - don’t judge me on that, folks, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse), and driving around town in my jalopy. Oh, and being interviewed by BBC Radio on how to deal with the heat wave in Delhi. Stay indoors and get laid, say I.

So, except that fact that Delhi’s currently like the inside of a blast furnace, this summer vacation went off rather splendidly. My intended (but poorly planned) trip to Singapore would’ve been the strawberries in the cream, but clearly, a visa and my good looks aren’t enough to get me there, I need dough for tickets, which I seem to be a bit short of at the moment.

And since we’re on the subject of money, I hereby curse clients who volunteer to pay up long-pending legal bills, and then renege at the very last minute. You know who you are, and I hope you remember the consequences of fucking around with a lawyer’s fee.

Also, since we’re on the subject of changing lifestyles, some of you asked me (tacitly and explicitly) in my last post, whether I was getting married. Of course I am! I have no intentions of spending the rest of my life being Cranky Crowley on this blog. I need to bounce this shit off a real person at some point. To quote a close friend (upon being asked why he wasn’t on Facebook) – “Sorry, I have real friends. Don’t need Facebook”. So, yes, I am trotting down the aisle (in my case around the fire), though when that might happen is a moot point (the fact that it will happen, is not).

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Nimpipi said...

oh my god! you're getting married?!! shock and more shock!


the snake said...

getting married? well..well..and a post about unpaid fees is the prologue we get?

Sirop said...


chandni said...


we still have to celebrate over alcohol!

Mister Crowley said...

Nimps, Snake, Sirop, Chandu: See, there's a fundamental difference between "I will get married" and "I am getting married" :P Mind it ;)

Chandu: Technically, I did 'celebrate' with your Boy the other should've come off too man.

Rassles said...

I knew what you meant.

And seriously, Bride Wars? I am judging. Look at me, sitting here, being a fucking judge.

Bride Wars.


Mister Crowley said...

Rass: I agree. Bride Wars. Pah. I feel like skullfucking Anne Hathaway with a pipe wrench. But, like, I said, it was an offer I couldn't refuse...on pain of death etc. ;)

Blues said...

Well that clears things right up.