"Oh, you're back in Bombay, is it?"


"You've decided to visit Firefly once a month till you're together, is it?"

"Well, at least once a month, yes"

"Once a month? You're like her period, man!!!"

Sigh. How do you respond to something like this? Am I a bloody, annoying monthly occurrence, or am I a bloody annoying monthly occurrence. This requires some interpretation, My Lady Leonie.

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Firefly said...

No you're not, my darling :-*

Mukta said...

sheesh...the person making the comment is your lady's sister!? :-) as if the 'period' joke wasn't 'pad' enough! HA HA HA HA HA!


Sirop said...

Okay, I'm just going to sit here and snicker. There. Done. No. GUFFAW!

the snake said...

I think Russel Peters might have an answer..

Coo said...

ay blog men

chandni said...

tell her u're still unique as contrary to the norm, you're a pleasant period :D