Delhi’s always been my one true home (and despite what follows in this post, that will always remain true). Not a four-walls-one-roof-we’re-all-a-happy-family-within sort of home, but someplace where I can walk blindfolded, secure in the knowledge that I’ll always get to where I want. The city of my birth, my childhood, my adolescence and my adult life (well, most of it); where I’ve seen beauty queens parade down main roads on the tops of decked-up minivans, and where I’ve seen people being burnt alive inside public transport. Where I’ve traveled in a Mercedes, a DTC bus packed with seventy human bodies, redolent of sweat, fear, happiness and sorrow, and an air-conditioned subway train, all in the space of a few hours. Where I’ve died many lives, just to be reborn the next morning with the milkman ringing my doorbell. No matter where I may live, or may have lived, my soul will always roam within the walls of Jahanpanah, Khan Market, India Gate and Connaught Circus.

On the other hand, I have my home within my home, which is not a particularly endearing place at the moment. Le Corbusier, architect and planner, once said that a house is a machine to live in. I agree with the man, at this point in time. I’ve been feeling like a worn out cog in this machine, and I need a refurbishment.

Melancholy thoughts, indeed, since I’m faced with the prospect of leaving it all behind, and not knowing when I’ll return to take my place in this city’s destiny (though I certainly hope it will be soon). On the other hand, the new city brings freedom, friends, love and certain other things sorely missing in my life, so, yeah, bully for that.

As for me, I hocked my brains, packed my bags and headed west – Dave Mustaine

Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles. She’s taking me to my home – Mike Portnoy.


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Perakath said...

The city-- it calls to me! Decadent scenes from my memory.

Delhi was my home for only 7 years, but it'll always be as above. Give details when you do move.

the snake said...

when are you leaving for the west?

Mister Crowley said...

Per: Will do, though I need to find suitable employment first :P

Snake: See above dude. Hopefully sometime within the next few months.

Sirop. said...

Well, try and enjoy the Dilli winter before you leave. :)

Nimpipi said...

Huh, you're off??

Can I confess to thinking this was a guest post?:) The font was different, you see.



Run into you sometime soon then, matey

Mister Crowley said...

Sirop: Sigh. I'll miss them winters.

Nimps: Oh, hehe. No man, I posted this using Google Chom, and it posts in this font for some reason.

shooting star said...

delhi oh meri delhi.....sometimes i think what would i have been if i were born in a different city, would i have been the same person or somebody with a totally different personality...coz gosh this city has given my character!!

Mukta said...

wherever you go, go with an open mind and an open heart. without that, moving doesn't make sense. you'll just be stuck somewhere lamenting the place you left behind...and that's just a whole lot of grief for everyone concerned.