Heh...this is like a Discworld Mapp for geeks.

For more geeky randomness, proceed here...oh, and do read the daily comic strip while you're at it.

3 Scallywags have walked the Plank |:

Suha said...

Nice writing..unprofound, abstract..lightly fuck off. I could say "I want to make friendship with you" but bleh. I like what you listen to btw...playlist coming up anytime soon?

mistercrowley said...

i'd go for bleh rather than "make friendship"...I make friends, not friendships...hehe.

Playlist? Why not....that sounds like a good idea for a new post....Onward Christian Soldier

Suha said...

aah the all purpose bleh. Pity its Onward Christian Soldier. That one's a thing of the past...all one finds now are the gun toting, tough swagger ones.

How nice that this world gives us random banter :P