I've been observing this litter of pups that have been trolling about behind my office for the last ten days or so. Adorable bunch (as all creatures are, at that age), but a couple of them display alarming tendencies.

For instance, one of them is convinced that Ma Nature screwed up, prima facie, by making him a quadruped, and is on a personal crusade to prove that he, too, can stand on his own two legs. Quite literally! He sits around all day with his front paws up in the air, and on everything except the ground.

Then there's another one who simply cannot walk / run in a straight line, but prefers think he's actually a dodgem car inside a canine body. Back in lawschool, we had a girl who was like this, and some of us had named her "SINSK" (Ship's Internal Navigation System - Kaput). I think that poor woman would've found her doggy soulmate in this pup.

Ok. Back to cursing the world I go.

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