I like you, I really do. Honest.

But I sit back and think – do I need you next to me on my bed?  Can I actually share that space with you?  Do I need you staring at me from the passenger seat of my car – staring at me each time I stare out the left window? 

Do I need you looking down at me from my desk, as I slouch in my executive chair, trying to read boring legal briefs and trying to avoid your inviting looks?  Do I need to know that you’re prancing in the background (all over it, actually) when I’m bent over my food?

Do I need to run back home in a frenzy each night to make sure you’re safe – to make sure you’re still all there – to make sure nobody’s taken you away from me? 

Do I need to pledge to you, for better or for worse, in sickness and health, the remaining years of my life? 

More importantly, do I want to do all of the above?


I don’t need to, but I guess I certainly want to. I mean, they’re my books, my precioussess. I couldn’t leave them to rot. No fucking way.

I need new bookshelves, yes.

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Anonymous said...


Love 'em books. Love.

Please get 'em customised, take good care of 'em books! They are precious!

Rassles said...

I love putting together shelves. I have no idea why. It's like, relaxing for me.

Angel said...

I've been begging my brother to customize some bookshelves for me. I guess I'm going to end up actually paying someone for them.

Rassles, I can't believe you like doing that. I hate putting shelves together more than almost any chore. I'd rather clean a bathroom.

Mister Crowley said...

Sirop: Yep, some of the older ones need rebinding...summer holiday project :)

Rassles: I'm sure I'd find it relaxing too (honestly).... unfortunately, DIY carpentry hasn't quite picked up in India, so we gotta either buy 'em, er, off the shelf, or pay a carpenter to do it.

Angel: (See above) ;) Join the club.

Purely Narcotic said...

Anticlimactic. Much sadness.

Miss P said...

hehehe. killer.

chandni said...

me too actually!!! they've spilled over to the bedroom, the dining table and err...the bathroom too!

Joe said...

A lawyer with a sneak attack? Whoa. Shocking.

Mister Crowley said...

Narco: C'est la vie :P

Penfold: But, naturally, it's me :P

Chandni: The BATHROOM?

Joe: Of course, we're all a damn sneaky lot, yo....

Rassles said...

Oh no, I love building things. Fucking love it.

That's a shame. There's no way you can just buy yourself some lumber and brackets and slap it together?

Ohh, carpentry is fun. I want to make things now. Dammit.

Grungematic said...

Shee, one big FLOP you are!!
You build up the excitement, make the scallywags walk the plank and ACTUALLY pushed us off it! You b******. Now I want the Dominican rum.

PS: I just needed an excuse to demand the rum. :-P